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The Final Stretch

If you cast your minds back to July and your initial induction with us to Teacher Training, you may remember that we said to you that this year would be rewarding, hard work and, at times, stressful. I’m sure you’d all agree that we were pretty spot on with all three!

To your enormous credit though, you’re now within touching distance of the goal you have been seeking; those three magic letters: QTS.

It is not uncommon for anxiety to rise at this stage of training as deadlines creep ever nearer, but it’s important that you remember all of your resilience and wellbeing training, as well as how well you’ve done to come this far! Cool heads are called for now:

  • Prioritise your workload – what absolutely has to be done now and what can wait?
  • Use your support mechanisms – mentors, fellow trainees and Co-Directors are all here to help.
  • Continue to build your evidence folders – your lessons now should be some of the best you have taught this year. Which standards can you use that superb lesson you taught yesterday to evidence?
  • Be confident – you would not still be on the course if we did not think you are going to make a good NQT. Keep doing those things that have got you so far.

Training sessions and mentor meetings should increasingly begin to focus on ensuring that QTS can be awarded (finding the missing evidence), but also on preparing for your NQT year. The whole point of ITT is to make sure that NQT is a natural extension of what you are already doing. Consider for yourself any areas of weakness you feel you may have and challenge your mentor and the Co-Directors to help you improve them.

Stressful though it may be as we get closer to the end of the course, we are not there yet and there are still over two months remaining before our final recommendation for QTS. Use that time wisely, seek the support you need and ensure you are maximising every opportunity.